Spelling Bee Solver: Daily Hints and Answers to the New York Times Spelling BeeSpelling Bee Solver: Daily Hints and Answers to the New York Times Spelling BeeSpelling Bee Solver: Daily Hints and Answers to the New York Times Spelling Bee
About This Site | Spelling Bee Solver
A brief history of Spelling Bee Solver and how this site came to be.

Gameboard for the first ever Spelling Bee puzzle, May 9, 2018

Based on a print puzzle appearing weekly in The New York Times Magazine, Spelling Bee made its online debut May 9, 2018. Every day since, editor Sam Ezersky has challenged players to form as many words as possible from a set of seven ever-changing letters. Spelling Bee fans mash their keyboards obsessively, trying to find every last word and reach the exalted rank of Queen Bee.

Author William Shunn began playing Spelling Bee late in the summer of 2018 and quickly became hooked. He created the original version of this site in part as a simple online tool to help him find any answers he might have overlooked. By the end of September he had begun saving a record of the official accepted solutions to every puzzle. Bill continued to polish the site and add new features over the months that followed, with input from real players like you.

In August 2020, our site began posting daily hints to Twitter as @beesolved, contributing to the vibrant #hivemind community that gathers around the clock to share encouragement and buzz about the latest overlooked answers. (“Luff,” anyone?) It was only with the assistance of this community that Bill finally managed to piece together the solution sets to all the puzzles from before he started keeping track, right back to the very start.

Our site now features the most complete database of publicly accessible Spelling Bee data in existence. Players around the world rely on our hints and statistics every day to help them reach Queen Bee. We in turn rely on advertising and donations to keep this service running. If you’re able, please consider contributing a couple of dollars to help the effort.

Thanks for visiting! Best of luck playing! Bee well!

Luffalee the Spelling Bee

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